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All right, seriously, Why Does Google Think I Need This?

I’m not quite THIS lonely, Google…

Inmates need Pen Pals – – Prisoners make great pen pals. Help an inmate reform, visit:

Although I would be interested in writing to an inmate…. no, curse you google ads!!!

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Serious site redesign coming soon

Both in form and content. My current biggest traffic inducer? People searching for “hermaphrodite genitalia.” I have no idea why, and I’m not complaining about the traffic, but clearly something is askew.

Also, a bit of WDGTINT from last week: Word of the Day – crapulous: sick from, or marked by, excessive drinking. – 4 days ago

It was a rough week last week.

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In case you haven’t seen it yet…

Here’s some stand-up I did a couple years back.

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